We live in a time, in which many employees are overworked and demotivated. Too many appointments, high pressure to perform and bad time management may result in an unhealthy work-life-balance which may lead to burn-out.

An essential factor of management by motivation is the leadership of your superior - even being a boss needs to be learned! 

As a part of a continuous motivation you need inspiration and enthusiasm.  


I would love to support you in inspiring and motivating your company and your employees.


Together we will find new perspectives and new directions for your company. 

 I can help you achieve your vision of your company and lead you to your success.



I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Nicole Habelitz

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Dipl.-Kfm. Nicole Habelitz

Business Coach, Personal Coach, Psychological Advisor


Josefstraße 6

66882 Spesbach


Phone: 06371-735774


Email: nicole@habelitz-coaching.de

Internet: www.habelitz-coaching.de