I address myself to people, who are looking for enhancements, but haven't found the right way to realize it. 


We want to lose weight oder do more sports, but the inner temptation is too big.

Our work makes us sick, we are burned-out and we just don't know that to do against it or how to get out of the downwards spiral.

We feel too exhausted and too powerless and weak to eventually bring about a change.  


Maybe we are too pessimistic, because "nothing won't help anyways". In our privat life we feel caught in a sytem of people and would like to stand up to these people and change something. We feel lost in our daily routine and seek for new perspectives - for something that pleases us. Break out finally. Defeat our inner temptation. Finally be happy and satisfied again. 


I care very much to help and support you to realize your dreams and enhancements. I love to motivate people and see them laugh again. 


I support you to find your own way.


Together we will find new perspectives and new directions for your life and bring back your joie de vivre. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Nicole Habelitz



Dipl.-Kfm. Nicole Habelitz

Business Coach, Personal Coach

& Psychological Advisor


Josefstraße 6

66882 Spesbach


Phone: 06371-735774


Email: nicole@habelitz-coaching.de

Internet: www.habelitz-coaching.de