Performance range:

  • Motivation training
  • Supervision of changes (work or private life)
  • Timemanagement
  • carreer development / re-orientation
  • conflict resolution
  • Burn-Out-Prevention
  • Mobbing
  • exam preparation / exam nerves
  • job application training
  • Work-Life-Balance / improvement of life situation
  • employed mum (reconcilability of family and job)
  • job-related and private reorientation
  • decision making problems between job-related and private challenges
  • Change of perspectives and honest feedback

The fast-pace of life today is pushing us quickly to our limit of our capacity. Work and private life have to be in perfect harmony. Often, this is not the case and we are lacking time for our family. Stressed by the job, because we have to stay longer or we are too late for our due date for a project, we don't find time to come down. 

We have to do groceries or housework, learn with the kids...and the day passes faster than we thought.

Deadline pressures in work life as well as in private life are boosting this all and too fast we are burnt out. It is important to mention that burn out is no "job desease". You can be burnt out in private life, too!


Consequenses of burn out can be e.g.:


  • reduced commitment
  • depressive and aggressive reactions
  • reduction of efficiency, motivation and creativity
  • negative effects of the emotional state of mind as well as the social life
  • psychosomatic reactions (Cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal complaints, musculature, immune system, etc.)
  • desperation, despair, hopelessness and suicidal tendencies
  • etc.

Don't let it come so far!


 Together we will find new perspectives and new directions for your life and bring back your joie de vivre. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Nicole Habelitz

For your information:

All data is safe, locked and will never be used for other purposes without agreement of the client. 

also remain obliged to maintain confidentiality following the ending of the assignment. Confidentiality and trust are a matter of course for me. 

Dipl.-Kfm. Nicole Habelitz

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