My Offers

  • Development of management skills
  • Increase of innovative capacity and creativity (dissolve blockades and innovation brakes)
  • Coaching of individual employees in companies
  • Motivation of employees
  • Change Management
  • Time management
  • Motivation trainings
  • Teambuilding, team conflicts
  • Burn-Out-prevention, job-related stress
  • Work-Life-Balance 
  • Mediation
  • Changing perspectives and honest feedback

Example burn out:


Today's fast pace in companies often leads to a lack of important HR management areas, e.g. a clear leadership.

Consequences are a lack of emotional ties to the employer and decreasing motivation to work. In the last resort this is leading to productivity losses, arguments between employees, loss of teamwork, caused by a lack of motivation. Decreasing sales figures lead to a stressed boss who is reacting impulsively by passing the pressure on to the "next in line". The employees are in a downward spiral faster than they think. Demotivation and pressure to perform lead to burn-out.


Consequences of burn out can be e.g.:

  • reduced commitment
  • depressive and aggressive reactions
  • reduction of efficiency, motivation and creativity
  • negative effects of the emotional state of mind as well as the social life
  • psychosomatic reactions (Cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal complaints, musculature, immune system, etc.)
  • desperation, despair, hopelessness and suicidal tendencies
  • etc.

Don't let it get so far in your company!


Together we will find new perspectives and new directions for your company. 

 I can help you achieve your vision of your company and lead you to your success. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you


Nicole Habelitz 


For your information:

All data is safe, locked and will never be used for other purposes without agreement of the client. 

I also remain obliged to maintain confidentiality following the ending of the assignment. Confidentiality and trust are a matter of course for me. 

Dipl.-Kfm. Nicole Habelitz

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Psychological Advisor


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